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What is tamper evident tape? Tamper evident tape, commonly known as tamper-evident tape, confidential tape, secure tape, or tamper-evident sealing tape, is made of PET as the base material. Through a special process on the reverse side of PET, a character mold is formed (commonly featuring “VOID,” “OPENED,” or a custom design specified by the customer). When the tape is peeled off from the adhered surface, the pre-set characters or patterns will remain intact on the surface, and restoration is not possible.

The tamper-evdient tape is applied to the adhered object, cardboard, or packaging box. If it is peeled off or torn, it will separate, revealing pre-set patterns or text. The non-adhesive surface and the surface of the packaging box will exhibit noticeable, structural damage, such as VOID, OPENED, STOP, Genuine, and other anti-counterfeit markings.

It can be customized with company logos, patterns, text, and can also be printed with serialized water sequence numbers. The length and width can be customized as well.

Suitable for cardboard boxes, paper box packaging, it serves the function of preventing illegal tampering during the transit of valuable items, protecting against tampering, theft, and ensuring the integrity of the contents.

ECO Tamper Evident Tape 3 Model

Full Transfer Anti-counterfeit Tape

Full Transfer Security Tape

Once peeled off, hidden markings such as OPEN VOID or custom text and patterns will be left on the adhered surface. Surface printing of text and patterns can be customized. Both the adhesive and hidden markings are completely transferred to the adhered object.

Partial Transfer Anti-counterfeit Tape

Partial Transfer Security Tape

After peeling, markings or patterns will appear on the film, and half of the adhesive will transfer to the adhered object, while the other half remains on the surface material.

Non-transfer Anti-counterfeit Tape

Non-transfer Security Tape

Once peeled off, hidden markings such as OPEN VOID or custom text and patterns will be revealed on the tape film. Surface printing of text and patterns can be customized. No adhesive residue is left on the adhered object.

Material Specification Table

Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Film
Material Thickness: 25μ, 38μ, 50μ
Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive
Backing Paper: 80gsm Glassine Paper

Master Roll Specifications:

530mm*500m / 500mm*500m

Anti-counterfeit Marking Film:

VOID, OPEN VOID, or Customized
Color: White, Red, Blue, Silver, or Customized

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET Film)

Our choice of face material involves the implementation of Dupont PET, renowned for its exceptional suitability in the fabrication of tamper-evident tape. Beyond the inherent properties of the material, we prioritize superior manufacturing processes. Prior to tape printing, a corona treatment process is meticulously applied, enhancing its receptiveness to pigment printing and facilitating the engraving of tamper-evident features.


When the tamper evident tape is peeled off, it causes noticeable, structural damage on both the tape surface and the surface of the adhered object, revealing a pre-designed pattern or text (“VOID OPEN”) that cannot be restored. It serves as a deterrent and warning.

Resembling regular tape, the tamper-evident information is immediately displayed on the packaging material and the tape, simultaneously revealing hidden information when it is detached.

It can be manufactured as fully transparent or semi-transparent tamper evident tape, with customizable colors, sizes, and tamper evident lettering. It can be supplied with or without backing paper.

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Apply a certain amount of force when using this product to ensure a strong bond between the tape and the adhered object. Ensure that the tape surface adheres tightly to the surface of the adhered object for optimal use.
  2. Ensure that the surface of the adhered object is clean, free from pollution, and oil stains, as this may affect the adhesive effect of the tape.
  3. Avoid contact between the adhesive surface and substances such as oil, solvents, and dust.
  4. The same tape may yield different results in different environments and with different adhered objects, such as glass, metal, plastic, etc. It is recommended to conduct a trial before widespread use.

Custom Edition Instructions

Customization can be done according to customer specifications, including cutting, making, processing, and die-cutting. Timely delivery is ensured, and customers wishing to customize editions are welcome to contact us. Effective communication will reduce unnecessary troubles.

Product Description:

A character mold is formed on the reverse side of the material through a special process (commonly featuring “VOID,” “OPENED,” already opened, or a customer-specified custom edition). When the label is peeled off from the adhered object’s surface, the pre-set character mold or pattern will remain intact on the adhered object’s surface and cannot be restored.



Product Features:

The face material can be selected based on printing methods and the surface of the adhered object, including double copperplate paper, OPP, PE, PET, PO, etc. The base material can be white, matte silver, bright silver, or other colors, including colorful effects.

The face material can undergo coating treatment based on printing methods. After treatment, the base material surface has good printing and printing effects, chemical resistance, and wear resistance. It saves printer ribbon and reduces printer wear and tear. Printing using offset printing, UV, intaglio printing, etc., can achieve good printing results.

On the surface of the adhered object, the base material and character mold cannot be restored after tearing open.

The pre-set character mold in the base material can be text, patterns, or other custom edition patterns specified by the customer. The use of custom edition patterns greatly enhances the anti-counterfeit effectiveness and improves the corporate image.

Applicable Range:

Used to make tamper-evident labels and seals, widely applicable in logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, warehousing, etc. Apply anti-tampering labels to seal objects, preventing unauthorized opening, reading, and theft of documents, letters, and parcels.

Used to make tamper-evident labels and seals, widely applicable in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, chemicals, shopping malls, etc. Apply anti-lifting labels to products, preventing the reuse of labels and tags after being lifted, identifying unauthorized or illegal opening of sealed products.

Used to make security seals, widely applicable in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, jewelry, etc. Apply security seals to critical areas of product packaging, preventing unauthorized opening, alteration, and theft of products or contents, a great tool for identifying unauthorized or illegal opening of products.
Used to make anti-counterfeit labels, widely applicable in IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, chemicals, shopping malls, etc. Before leaving the factory, companies apply quality assurance labels to their own products, serving as a symbol of quality commitment to customers, enhancing product image, providing quality assurance, and increasing user confidence.

Applications of Tamper Evident Security Tape


Packaing For Carton


Products  Protecting

Packing for electric

Electronic Products

logistic Container seals

                 Logistic Container Seals

Tamper Evident Tape Production Process

clean film—corona treatment—hidden message printing—color printing—coating adhesive—design printing—die cutting—QC—packing.
pet release film

Packaging & Raw Materials

|Tamper Evident Security Tape
Imported silicon oil
|Tamper Evident Security Tape

Storage Guidelines for Anti-counterfeiting Tape:

  • It is recommended to store in an environment with a temperature range of 15-35 degrees Celsius, avoiding abrupt environmental changes within a short period.
  • Avoid high humidity environments, as damp conditions can reduce the adhesive strength of the tape.
  • Ensure a dust-free and pollution-free environment during packaging, transportation, and storage processes.
  • Keep the tape away from direct sunlight and store it flat. Avoid tape damage, deformation, or loss of effectiveness.


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