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ECO company focuses on creating a range of customized tamper evident security bag to meet various needs. We offer two styles, transparent and opaque, and can tailor them to your specific specifications. This includes tamper-evident level, barcode and serial numbers, unique custom printed logos, as well as a variety of bag styles.

ECO Tamper Evident bags are primarily made of low-density polyethylene material, which is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Their design incorporates various security features to provide top-level security. All tamper-evident bags have a tamper-evident level of 4 and can detect intrusion by heat, freon, and water. Additionally, they can be customized according to any size requirements and artistic designs, including logos, writing boards, custom text, serial numbers, and barcodes.

Characteristics of the anti-counterfeiting bag seal: Once the seal of the anti-counterfeiting bag is peeled off, hidden information immediately appears, preventing the product from being opened, altered, and stolen, thus protecting customer privacy.

Advantages: Sealing packaging with anti-counterfeiting bags can enhance the security of items, prevent theft, and better protect your goods and valuable property during transportation.

Convenient to use: Attach the anti-counterfeiting bag seal to the packaging bag, press it down to adhere, and wait for more than 1 minute. The anti-counterfeiting bag seal will break into two pieces, and the VOID word will be faintly visible.

The bag includes a sealing tape at the opening, featuring one-time use and non-recoverable anti-counterfeit properties. Once opened, hidden text or patterns appear, leaving clear evidence of tampering. Widely used in e-commerce, logistics, banking, education, elections, and judicial institutions, these bags serve various purposes such as tax-free bags, cash bags, election bags, evidence bags, and more.

**Security Level Features:**
– **Level I:** Structural damage, one-time use, non-recoverable anti-counterfeiting.
– **Level II:** Room temperature tamper-evident technology, 65 ℃ irreversible thermochromic ink.
– **Level III:** Room temperature tamper-evident technology, water ink, 65 ℃ irreversible thermochromic ink.
– **Level IV:** Room temperature tamper-evident technology, high and low-temperature tamper-evident glue, water ink, 65 ℃ irreversible thermochromic ink.
– **Level V:** Room temperature tamper-evident technology, die-cutting tamper-proof, high and low-temperature tamper-evident glue, water ink, 65 ℃ irreversible thermochromic ink.

|Tamper Evident Security Bag

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Our tamper-evident security bags are custom-sized packaging solutions with anti-counterfeit and anti-theft features. Choose from security levels I to V based on your needs. These bags are ideal for storing and transporting valuables, confidential documents, and evidence. They provide robust anti-opening, anti-theft, and anti-substitution features for high safety during transportation.

tamper evident bags

Product Parameters


Tamper Evident Packaging Bags
HDPE/LDPE/Co-extruded Plastic Film/Biodegradable Material.
Printing Color:
Customized up to 8 colors
cash, coins, checks, credit card receipts, etc.
Seal Feature:
Hot melt adhesive tamper evident void tape with thermochromic ink
Delivery Time:
7-15 working days after order confirming
Application field:
Banks, Government, Air Port, Retail Chain Stores Etc


Transparent Security Bags Design

Easy to tear line for easy storage
Double welding with micro print along the both sides of the edge
Once peeling off the sticker,hidden word "VOID OPEN" will appeared
Print with sequential numbering barcode
Using special ink can writeable on the bag

Opaque Security Bags Design

Opaque Security Bags Design

Black inside and white outside bag design
Secondary reinforcement treatment of bag sealing line
Using special link can writeable on the bag
Once peeling off the sticker, hidden word "VOID OPEN" will appeared
Easy to tear line for easy storage
Can do continuous barcode number

Tamper-Evident-Bags-Functional- explanation

Bank Security Tamper Evident Deposit Bag & Cash ,Ticket Bags

Tamper-proof edge sealing
precautions and usage
Safety cutting area
Tracking code
Sealing edge
Eco-friendly icon

Tamper Evident Bag Detail Show


Tamper Seal

Tamper-evident bag can be opened one time only, The tamper seal will showing hiden text, when the tamper seal tape be pelled


Writable area

Tamper-evident bag with writable printing are for remarking information of transported valuable good

|Tamper Evident Security Bag

Pouch Seal

Tamper-Evident bag with Three side strong side seal. very important, it is three side pouch seal


Serial Number

Serial Number

Tamper-evident bag with serial number bar code, sure the bags not be copy



|Tamper Evident Security Bag

Package :

The normal packaging:6 rolls/shrink 36/48/72 rolls per carton

Special packaging: individual shrink or as you required

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