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Tamper Evident Security Labels are a popular security seal for asset tagging, securing first aid kits, specimen kits, asset marking, document security and can highlight unauthorized opening. There are mainly four kinds of security label for your choice. Tamper Evident VOID Label. This is the most common used security label which is printed with security message which cant be shown before applying. Once opened, the security message can be shown leaving an obvious evidence of opening.

—It can be printed in different shape ,with different colors and texts.

—It can be in sheets or rolls.  Destructible labels are made of a material that rips and tears apart easily.  The strong adhesive and easily-fragmented material means that it is difficult to remove the entire label; pieces are left behind.

— Lamination is not offered on these labels, as it would cancel the label’s destructibility.

—It can be printed in sheets or rolls in different shapes, with customized color and text. Water Sensitive Security Label Water Sensitive security label will discolor evidently once liquid water intrusion and cannot retrieve, this is the major function of water sensitive material . Usually the white label will become red color once it touch the water, which is a irreversible process.

—It is usually in round shapes. —Color change can be customized except white to red.

Tamper Evident Evident Label

 | Tamper Evident Security Labels Customized Service:

           Custom Logo,size,color, serical number, as well as barcode

 | Tamper Evident Security Labels  Tamper Evident Message:

            “OPEN VOID”, “VOID” Customized hidden message availabel

 | Tamper Evident Security Labels   Material Liner:

            PET, PO

 | Tamper Evident Security Labels Working Temperature:

         0 to 65 degrees Celsius Valid of period: 1 year standard condition

 | Tamper Evident Security Labels Adhesive Residue Left on Surface:

          Total Transfer, Partial Transfer, Non-Transfer


When the label is removed, the word “VOID” or “OPEN VOID” will be left on the labeled object.
At the same time, the skin of the label also shows “VOID” or “OPEN VOID”, and there is no adhesive residue on the skin.
The label can only be used once, and when it is removed, it indicates that the product has been opened and cannot be used again.

Until the label is removed, we cannot see the words “VOID” or “OPEN VOID”.
Once the label is removed, the word “VOID” or “OPEN VOID” remains on the labeled item.
OPEN VOID” is written on the surface of the label after removal. The label cannot be reused.

Uncovered only left on the surface of the label “VOID” print can not be restored, for valuable items to play anti-theft and will not damage the affixed objects.

Our Labels Advantage

Can Jump To The Official Website and Public Number Query Authenticity

Special Anti-counterfeiting Blooms

Ditital Printing Hot Stamping Integration

Material,Size,Process can Be Customized

Color Flow Code

Can Be Customized Double-Label,Open The Code Query

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