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At EcoSecurity tape, we specialize in the rapid production of custom tamper evident tape solutions. Whether you need a standard tamper-evident sealant tape or a custom tamper-evident sealant tape, we offer products with superior performance and reliable adhesion for a variety of applications.

With over 15 years of industry experience, EcoSecurity tape takes pride in its manufacturing facilities, which is the cornerstone of our continued success in providing tamper evident tape seals. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us the loyalty of our customers, as we offer versatile evidence sealing tapes designed for secure sealing. These tapes act as a deterrent to any unauthorized opening or tampering of packaging.EcoSecurity tapes effectively leave behind evidence of any tampering, acting as a strong deterrent to potential criminals attempting to gain access to your packaging

Die Cutting Sealing Tape By Slitting Machine

We can Customize the product according to your needs

Enhance the security of your business with our tamper-evident solution! We take pride in offering SGS certified security seal tapes, enabling you to export our anti-tampering tape solutions to lucrative markets. Notably, you can establish a robust foundation for customer loyalty through the demonstrated performance of our security tapes. Furthermore, we offer extensive customization services for your tamper-resistant tapes. Share your specifications, including required sizes, roll lengths, color preferences, and other features that will enhance the functionality of your tamper-evident tape

Opened To Alert Security Tape

Customizable LOGO

Customizable LOGO

Do The Dummy Blade Line

The dummy blade line

Do Inkjet Coding

Inkjet Coding

Customizable Words Content

Customizable words content

Material Specification 

Face Material:Polyester film
Material Thickness:25μ, 50μ
Glue:Acrylic pressure adhesive
Release liner:80gsm glassine paper
Standard size:530mm*500m / 500mm*500m
Standard text:VOID, OPEN VOID, or Customized
Color:White, Red, Blue, Silver, or Customized
Various specifications Support customization

Rest assured that we empower users with absolute control over both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of our anti-tamper tape solutions. Leveraging our in-house research and development department, coupled with a proficient team, Ecosecurity tailors a tamper tape to your exact specifications. Additionally, our state-of-the-art production equipment enables us to achieve the industry’s swiftest delivery times, ensuring your custom tamper-evident tape reaches you promptly.

Before Tampering

before tamper

After Tampering


The Packaging Process in the Production of Tamper Evident Tape

Fous On Customized Tamper Evident Products Innovative Packing Solutions For You! Tamper Evident tape is widely used in logistics, express delivery, aviation, documents, letters, warehousing, IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, chemical industry, tamper evident in shopping malls, tamper evident in e-commerce courier, anti-private tampering and other fields, with a wide range of uses.


We offer the following tape solutions:

Bag sealing
Cargo protection
Carton sealing
Mail and document security
Pallet sealing and protection
Pharmaceutical packaging

We provide 4 types of customizable printed tape materials:

Polypropylene carton sealing tape:
This tape offers the most cost-effective option, commonly used by most PC manufacturers when shipping laptops and other devices.
It’s made of plastic film with a strong adhesive suitable for cartons. Available in various colors and printing options, it can be imprinted with invisible or other security inks.
Evidence of tampering may be indicated if the tape is cut, covered with transparent tape, or if the imprints are misaligned or distorted.
These rolls can be easily applied automatically or with a handheld tape dispenser.

Water-activated reinforced paper tape:
This tape has some advantages over plastic film carton sealing tape, including better adhesion to corrugated paper surfaces.

It’s strong enough for overpacking and heavy-duty cartons. We also offer options with a red tamper-evident layer that remains on the carton.

Surprisingly, it provides excellent evidence of tampering, as the reinforced strings offer slight texture and protrude when cut.

More companies do not adopt this type of tape primarily because it requires a water-activated tape dispenser and its fixed location.

Non-removable, destructible film tape:
This tamper-evident tape is made of security film that tears or layers if attempts are made to peel it off.
Rolls or strips come with backing to protect the adhesive, facilitate proper handling, and extend shelf life.
Once adhered to a surface, the tape cannot be removed; ideal for small cartons, bags, envelopes, and pallet packaging.
We can customize colors, imprints, roll sizes, and provide pre-cut seals or strips.

Hidden graphics residue tape:
This popular security tape reveals hidden graphics and tamper-evidence information after removal.
Also known as void tape, evidence tape, pallet wrap tape, and theft-proof tape.
Our unique tape features ultra-strong adhesive that quickly adheres to various surfaces, including corrugated cartons, plastic drums, polyethylene bags, metals, stretch film, and wood.
We can customize colors, imprints, roll sizes, adhesives, and the information or logo left behind.
We also offer linerless self-wound rolls or rolls with liners, labels, or strips.
This type of tape is the most expensive tamper-evident sealing option, with higher minimum order quantities.
Due to the nature and functionality of the adhesive, this type of tape is less suitable for high-speed, automotive applications.

Customization Tamper Evident Tape Process
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