Evidence Security Tape Void Tape

The distinctive technology embedded in the VOID layer of this tape ensures residue-free removal and strong adhesion, even on challenging, less-than-smooth surfaces. Unlike other VOID stickers, this variant remains intact when affixed to the adhesive-retaining part on the substrate and the top foil carrying the supplementary revealed graphic motif. Despite its exceptional adhesion to diverse surfaces, it leaves no adhesive remnants upon removal.

Thanks to its cohesive glue consistency, akin to gum, as depicted in accompanying images illustrating sticker detachment from the substrate, this tape facilitates application on intricate surfaces. This quality is particularly advantageous, preventing the easy removal of hologram stickers from complex surfaces and ensuring that VOID layer texts remain undisclosed.

Total VS Partial VS Non-Open-Effect
Total VS Partial VS Non-Open-Effect

Primarily designed for securing access points, the tape is ideal for overlaying areas on the protected object. A common application is covering a box that needs to be opened for unpacking or, for instance, breaching any contracts or sealing boxes containing valuable documents. Upon removal of the label, the “VOID” and “OPEN” texts are exposed, making any package tampering evident. Notably, this tape maintains its sealing capabilities even after being folded, distinguishing it from hologram VOID stickers.


custom tamper tape

What is a VOID Tape?

The VOID Tamper Evident tape, also referred to as anti-counterfeiting ribbon, is a peel-off, self-adhesive security tape predominantly composed of plastic film. Upon removal, it reveals a layered structure, showcasing concealed content between the layers to deter unauthorized opening, tampering, and reapplication. The preset text or pattern, such as “VOID,” “unpacked,” “opened,” and other descriptors, becomes separated from the surface material upon unveiling. This separated text or pattern adheres to the object, ensuring the integrity of the original state and facilitating automated inspection functions.

 | Evidence Security Tape Void Tape                           | Evidence Security Tape Void Tape                        After-Tamper


Name: Blue serial number VOID tape
Size: 48mm*50M
Color: Blue
Adhesive: Acrylic Glue
Release Liner: Glassine Paper
Pack Way: Roll
Roll: VOID


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