Why Chooses Tamper Security Tape to Protect Brands and Products Security

Tamper evident tape is an important tamper evident material to protect goods from the harm of counterfeit and inferior products. Its unique design and manufacturing process provide enterprises with comprehensive brand protection, while also providing consumers with a reliable shopping guarantee.

This article will explore the history, material composition, processing technology, advantages and disadvantages, comparison with ordinary tape, tips for selecting manufacturers, application markets, and the benefits brought by tamper evident tape.

The development of tamper evident tape

dates back to the early 20th century, With the expansion of the commodity market and advancements in technology, tamper evident tape gradually emerged as an innovative product identification method. Originally, tamper evident tape was distinguished by simple colors and patterns, but today’s tamper evident tape combines advanced printing technology, security inks, and other means to make copying more difficult.

The main components of tamper evident tape

include the base material of the tape, security inks and pigments, and glue. The tape base material is usually made of BOPP film or PET film, which has good transparency and weather resistance. Security inks and pigments contain special components to enhance security effects. Glue is used in the coating stage to ensure that the tape is closely adhered to the object being taped.

The production process of tamper evident tape

goes through several key steps, including design, preparation of materials, printing, coating, cutting and rewinding, packaging, and quality inspection. Each step must be strictly controlled to ensure that the final product has clear tamper evident patterns, good adhesion performance, and consistent quality.

During the design phase, customers first send us a sample paper diagram, and the company’s team will design the security pattern according to the customer’s sample. The team will ensure the desired effect is achieved based on the customer’s specified colors, shapes, lines, etc.

Once the customer’s sample is confirmed to be correct, we will proceed with the procurement of materials. Materials are selected according to the base material ordered by the customer, such as suitable BOPP or PET Film , to ensure transparency and temperature resistance.

Ink and color paint preparation: High-quality security inks and colors are chosen to ensure color stability and light resistance and to add security components as required by the design. The tamper evident tape has low odor and is solvent-free, eliminating the need for drying time, thus making the production process efficient and environmentally friendly for production and staff. Regarding the coating process, each coating can reach a weight of 40-50g/m2 in one go.

The structural design of tamper evident tape usually includes multiple layers, each with specific functions to achieve security and protection purposes. Below are the common structural layers of tamper evident tape:

tamper evident tape machine
tamper evident tape machine

Base Material Layer:

The base material is the main body of the tamper evident tape, usually made of high-strength, high-transparency materials such as BOPP or PET. The choice of base material directly affects the tape’s abrasion resistance, stability, and overall strength.

Printing Layer:
The printing layer is where the tape’s graphics and text are located. Advanced printing technology allows various colors, patterns, and texts to be printed on the tape, providing multiple means of security, such as microtext VOIDOPEN characters, security barcodes, security patterns, etc.

Security Layer:
The security layer is a key level set to combat counterfeiting activities. This layer may include various security elements, such as holographic patterns, watermarks, optically variable inks, etc. When this layer is viewed, hidden text such as VOID text can be seen. This can be used on evidence bags, bank bags, packaging bags, etc., to achieve security and tamper evident effects. These security elements usually require high-precision technology and equipment to manufacture.

Adhesive Layer:
The adhesive layer is the key level where the tamper evident tape sticks to the object. High-Quality Glue is chosen to ensure that the tape is firmly attached to the item or packaging, preventing it from being easily torn off or replaced.

Release Liner:
The release liner refers to the layer attached to the adhesive layer to protect it from contamination and maintain its stickiness. When using tamper evident tape, the release liner can be easily torn off, allowing the tape to adhere to the target surface.

Overlaminate Layer:
The overlaminate layer is a transparent film used to cover the printing layer, protecting the printed pattern and adding abrasion resistance and waterproofing.

Release Coating:
The release coating is a layer between the release liner and the adhesive layer, allowing the release liner to be easily peeled off the adhesive layer. This layer ensures the ease of use of the tamper evident tape.

By reasonably designing and combining these layers, tamper evident tape can be both aesthetically pleasing and durable, providing comprehensive security protection for goods. Different industries and application scenarios may require different structures of tamper evident tape, so these levels are not fixed. We also customize the production structure according to the customer’s product requirements.

tamper proof tape coating machine
tamper proof tape coating machine

Advantages and disadvantages of tamper evident tape

Brand protection: Tamper evident tape effectively protects brands from the harm of counterfeit products with its unique design and technical means.

Product safety: It provides reliable shopping assurance for consumers, preventing them from buying counterfeit products and ensuring product safety.

Technical innovation: Combining printing, coating, security inks, and other advanced technologies to continuously improve the tamper evident effect and combat the counterfeiting activities of criminals.

Higher cost: Advanced tamper evident technology and materials make the production cost of tamper evident tape relatively high.

Longer production cycle: The production process requires multiple separate links, resulting in a relatively long overall cycle.

Compared to ordinary tape, tamper evident tape has stronger brand protection and product safety functions. Ordinary tape is mainly used for fixing and packaging, with a single function, and cannot provide comprehensive protection for goods. Tamper evident tape not only has exquisite patterns but also combines various tamper evident technologies, thereby better meeting the multi-level protection needs of brands and goods.

How to choose a good tamper evident tape supplier?

When choosing an tamper evident tape manufacturer, consider the following:

Technical strength: The manufacturer’s technical strength determines the quality and tamper evident effect of the tape, which can be evaluated by looking at their technical equipment and production capabilities.

Experience and reputation: Manufacturers with rich experience can usually better meet customer needs, and reputation is a reference for choosing manufacturers.

Quality assurance: Whether the manufacturer can provide quality assurance, including quality inspection standards, after-sales service, etc.

Precision: High precision is required for each production step, from design to printing to coating, to ensure the clarity and accuracy of tamper evident text or patterns.

Stability: Machine operation stability is crucial to ensure that there are no unexpected quality problems during the production process.

Quality inspection standars: Establish strict quality inspection standards to ensure that each roll of tamper evident tape meets customer requirements and design standards.

Printing machine: High-precision, high-resolution printing machines are used to ensure the clarity and color fidelity of tamper evident patterns.

Coating machine: Choose a glue coating machine that can adjust the uniformity of the coating to ensure adhesive performance.

Cutting and rewinding machine: High-precision cutting and rewinding machines ensure the size and rewinding method of each roll of anti-counterfeit tape is consistent.

Packaging machine: Automatic packaging machines ensure packing efficiency and standardization.

Application market for tamper evident tape

Tamper evident tape is widely used in various industries, including but not limited to:

Food industry: Used to protect food packaging and prevent food counterfeiting.

Pharmaceutical industry: Used for drug packaging to ensure that patients use genuine drugs.

Electronic products: Used to protect electronic products and prevent the influx of counterfeit and inferior products into the market.

Benefits of tamper evident tape

The application of tamper evident tape brings many benefits to consumers and businesses:

Product safety: Consumers can shop with more confidence, avoiding the purchase of counterfeit products.

Brand trust: Enterprises enhance consumer trust in the brand and increase brand value by using tamper evident tape.

Economic stability: The application of tamper evident tape helps maintain market order and promote the healthy and stable development of the economy.

Technical strength
We are proud of not only our advanced production equipment but also our strong technical strength. Each worker has received professional training and is skilled and proficient in operating the equipment.

Experience and reputation
Our factory has rich experience, and we have faced various technical challenges and successfully solved them. Our reputation is well-known in the industry, and our customers choose us because of their trust in us.

Quality assurance
We have established strict quality inspection standards for each roll of tamper evident tape, and only products that meet these standards will enter the market. We provide complete after-sales service to ensure that customer trust in us is not damaged.

We believe that the future of the tamper evident tape industry is full of unlimited possibilities. As an engineer, I will continue to work hard to drive technological innovation in our factory and provide customers with more excellent tamper evident products. We hope that through our efforts, more enterprises can benefit from tamper evident technology, ensuring the safety and reliability of their brands and products in the market.

As an important means of brand protection, tamper evident tape provides all-round safety guarantees for goods through advanced technology and design. Its wide application market and benefits brought to consumers make tamper evident tape irreplaceable in the commercial field.

Choosing ECO tamper evident tape manufacturers will help improve the competitiveness of your products and promote the sustainable development of enterprises. In the future, as technology continues to develop, tamper evident tape will usher in more innovations, providing a more comprehensive solution for product safety and brand protection.

tamper evident tape warehouse
tamper evident tape warehouse

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