tamper evident tape for security envelopes

Product Descrption

Security envelop is made of paper with tamper evident security tape which leaves dear & indelible mark to any attempt of opening, thus be able to provide a perfect optical evidence of unauthorized opening and ensure maximum confidentiality.

Product Features

Gummed flap provides a secure tape
Blue security tinting ensures confidentiality
Tastefully attractive smooth finish
Bubble film packed inside to resistant against shock
Size and top printing colud be customized

Range of Applications

To secure voted ballots
To secure checks
To secure secret documents
To secure cashes
To secure samples

ECO Security Envelop

ECO Security Tamper Evident Tape Envelop For Document

security tamper envelope tapes

ECO Security Tamper Evident  Tape Bags for election documents

security tamper envelope tape

ECO Security Tamper Evident  Tape for Clash 

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