Tamper Evident Labels for Takeout and Delivery

Importance of Food Delivery Seals

Food delivery seals have become increasingly crucial for customers. If you’re a restaurant owner or a food delivery service provider, you understand the significance of ensuring that customers receive their food in a safe and reliable manner. This is why we utilize dedicated food delivery seals that double as tamper-evident labels to safeguard the integrity of the food.

Customers receiving home deliveries and those opting for takeout want assurance that the purchased meals are safe to consume and have not been tampered with in any way.

Cross-border shipments can be sent using our tamper evident packaging bags. These bags can serve as a secure repository for important documents such as receipts, invoices, and packaging materials. The design of the bag serves as a deterrent to any unauthorized individuals attempting to open it, ensuring that the documents reach the customer securely.

Cross-border courier customization
Cross-border courier customization

Ensuring customer peace of mind is vital, especially when selling pre-packaged meals. This is why we carry tamper-evident stickers to seal closed containers, beverages, and bags. In addition to tamper resistance, these labels offer the following advantages:

•Microwave safe
•Freezer safe
•Display safety information
•Easy to use
•Fully customizable
– Want to

We can customize these tamper-evident labels with your logo, website, and other branding to help promote your business. Reach out to us via email or phone today to start customizing your exclusive tamper-evident labels!

Applications of Tamper-Evident Labels

Our secure takeout bags are perfect for packaging delivered meals. But what if you don’t need an entire large bag? The answer lies in tamper-evident seals. They can securely fasten bread boxes, meal containers, and even pizza boxes.

Alternatively, suppose you do need those secure takeout bags but have run out. These tamper-evident delivery seals can serve a dual purpose as they not only seal the containers but also close the carryout bags.

Using just two seals to secure (or “lock”) delivery bags, you can now transport customers’ food safely, preventing hungry delivery drivers from pilfering customers’ meals.


Easy to Use and Understand

These delivery labels are straightforward to use. No need to worry about unclear bag or container seals, and there are no special steps that could slow down your process.

It’s indeed that simple – just peel the sticker from the back and adhere it to your takeout bag, soup container, flip-top, or family meal tray. and use Custom Security Labels to Boost Product Sales Trust.

If someone attempts to remove the seal to access the food, the ultra-strong adhesive will allow them to do so without damaging the seal. This single aspect alone prevents theft.

Food-Centric Design and Clear Descriptions

We’ve created a unique, food-centric design for these labels. The aim is to delightfully showcase various delivered meals. In addition to the images on the delivery seal, there are clear descriptions of what the item is and its intended use.

By explicitly stating that it is a tamper-evident delivery seal, hungry delivery drivers are less likely to mess with these meals. Customers will also be able to see if their food has been tampered with.

Your customers will also notice the extra effort you’re putting in to ensure the safety of their food.

Tamper Evident Labels for food
Tamper Evident Labels for food

Safe for Refrigerators and Freezers

This might seem like a small benefit, but believe us, it can sometimes be a game-changer. Since these delivery seals can be safely used in refrigerators and freezers, you can pre-package meals, seal them with these tamper-evident labels, and then package and deliver the meals as needed.

Fully Customizable Food Labels

Want to see your logo on these tamper-evident labels? Or maybe you need different-sized seals. The great thing about these is that they are fully customizable. Use your brand’s specific colors, or add your contact information. Whatever you envision for your business, our packaging consultants can help you achieve that goal!

How the Labels are Produced

Our labels are produced on large label printing machines and hand-rolled on cores to meet perfect quantities. Afterward, they undergo quality control checks and are placed into our barcode boxes. They can then be picked and transported by our warehouse team. We print designs using eco-friendly water-based inks on various materials, from semi-gloss paper to transparent polypropylene and everything in between.  

How to Order Custom Labels

We are manufacturers and can customize any labels/stickers you need.

We can create custom labels in batches as low as 500 per design, up to several million at a time. We offer many different adhesives, materials, and ink colors to choose from.

We print with eco-friendly water-based inks. Our factory is located in the world’s manufacturing hub, Guangdong Province, China.

As we are manufacturers, ordering directly can save you money. There are no middlemen to go through or additional fees to pay. If you need material samples, we are happy to send some.

Tamper Evident Labels for Electric products
Tamper Evident Labels for Electric products

Here’s the process:

1. Fill out the inquiry form below, leaving your email, phone, details of requirements, company name, etc. Please submit your design PDF document along with the email. Once we receive your requirements, we will provide you with a quote,   starting from the minimum requirement of 500 labels per batch/design.
2. For most quotes, we will review and provide you with a customized price within 24 hours.

3. After mutual confirmation of costs, we will send you a payment invoice, and once the deposit is received, we begin the sample production.

4. Once the proof is approved, we will print and ship your custom labels within the specified time frame listed in the quote.

Note: Custom labels in quantities of 25,000 and above will incur shipping charges to be determined.

Feel free to contact us for perfect security solutions, including security seal stickers and custom tamper seal stickers.


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