Q:What are some commonly used tamper-evident materials in the market?

A:    Commonly used tamper-evident materials in the market refer to the basic materials needed to produce anti-counterfeiting abels, anti-counterfeitinc trademarks. ant-counterfeiting documents. and anti-counterfeiting cards.tamper-evident materials in the market?These materials share the common characteristic that they have a certain level ofdifficultv in their production process, or they incur relatively high costs.

Q:   What types of tamper-evident materials are commonly used in making tamper-evident labels?

A:    Tamper-evident labels are generally made from materials like fragile paper, shape memory tamper-evident materials, radioactive radiation materials, and special adhesive materials. The specific materials used depend on the type of product packaging.

Q:   What is meant by “tamper-evident label material”?

A:    Tamper-evident label material, in simple terms, refers to the specia material used when making tamper-evident labels. Its anti-counterfeiting purpose is achieved through the material’s special characteristics.

Q:   What are some additional tamper-evident materials available in the market?

A:    In addition to the commonly used materials. there are more specialized tamperevident materials like holographic materials, color-changing materials, andencryption materials. These provide even higher levels of security against counterfeiting.

Q:   How do tamper-evident materialscontribute to brand protection?

A:   Tamper-evident materials play a crucial role in brand protection by ensuring theauthenticity and integrity of products. They act as a deterrent to counterfeitersand provide consumers with confidence in the genuineness of the product

Q: Can you produce custom packaging bags based on our design?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer of custom packaging bags, and we can produce custom transparent plastic security bags to fully meet your specific requirements.

Question: What is the minimum order quantity for our first order?

Our minimum order quantity is 10,000 custom transparent plastic security bags, and it can also be adjusted according to your exact needs!

Q: How can I get a sample to inspect the quality?

After price confirmation, you can request a sample from us to inspect our quality. You can provide a similar sample from our stock for free to check the design and quality.

However, you will be responsible for the courier shipping cost. As for custom printed samples, we will charge you $100 to $300 for molding and printing fees. This fee will be part of the payment for the order.

Q: What is the delivery period and production capacity for bulk production?

A: Typically, bulk production is completed within 2-3 weeks after confirming the artwork and payment. The production capacity is 600 tons per month, equivalent to 20 tons per day.

ECO Security Taple

Made of Factory

Direct price is close to the people
Factory direct supply, Give you the discount ,And make real cost performance

          Our company accepts customization, and the customization process is as follows:      For details, please consult our online customer service.


Confirm the color anti-counterfeiting characters and printed text.
Please tell us the style, size, quantity color and printing content of the customized products to our customer service staff or call us for an accurate quotation.


Provide design drafts If it is a registered brand, brand authorization is required.
Confirmation of the offer, if you need to layout design, please pay part of the deposit, because there are many customers who need to layout design, but there are many people who don't do the handbag after the layout, the deposit is unavoidable, and the deposit is directly collateralized by the payment of goods.


We provides plate-making drafts Requires customer confirmation and signature.
Confirmation of the design, please pay, confirm the previous and customer service to talk about the production process, quantity and other requirements, and to confirm that the design is accurate, you can start production, color, print content, tell our customer service staff, we provide you with accurate quotes!


Production Ensure the products are produced on time and in the specified quantity.
After the start of production, no longer accept any modifications to the order, the number and process is different, factory time, the production period is also different production production specific period of time to consult customer service agreed. Generally 7-10 days


Order Completion Help customers complete product packaging
The staff will check the quality of each product before packing. All we do is to check all the requirements. There is no problem before packing according to the requirements


Order Settlement Shipment Sales staff will send an e-mail to the customer to confirm the completion of the order.
Production is complete, pay the full amount, direct delivery, such as the final payment, you need to pay the end of the shipment, and then shipment, the general recommendation of the shipment courier can be delivered to your door, remote areas can choose logistics, but you need to pick up the goods, consult the seller for more details
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