Why Security Labels Customization Becomes the Primary Solution?

There are several main reasons:

Technical difficulty: people who manufacture shoddy products usually use high-tech means to imitate the products, for example, by copying the outer packaging of the products and replacing the labels to cheat the consumers. And the customized security labels use a series of technical means, such as QR code, bar code, RFID, etc., which makes it more difficult to forge labels.

Good anti-counterfeiting effect: security label customization can ensure the authenticity and anti-counterfeiting effect of the label by encrypting the label and hiding the information. Consumers can scan the QR code or barcode on the label through their cell phones to get the real information of the product, so as to judge whether the product is genuine or not. In addition, some advanced anti-counterfeiting labels can be attached with some special effects on the label, such as color change, pattern transformation, etc., to increase the anti-counterfeiting effect.

Easy operation: customized anti-counterfeiting labels provide a simple and convenient way of operation, and consumers can get the real information of the products just by scanning the QR code or barcode on the labels. Compared with traditional anti-counterfeiting means, such as checking serial numbers and making phone inquiries, the process of verifying the authenticity of products is more convenient and quicker.

Data management: security label customization stores the information of the product in digital form in the label, which can realize the management of the whole life cycle of the product, including the recording and querying of the information in all aspects such as production, circulation and sales. This enables enterprises to better control the flow and sales of products, monitor products throughout the process, and take timely measures to address potential risks.

Establishment of brand image: Customized anti-counterfeiting labels can not only improve the anti-counterfeiting effect of products, but also establish a brand image for enterprises. When consumers buy products, they usually check the authenticity of the products by scanning the QR code or barcode on the labels, and this way has become a kind of consumer trust and choice of the brand. By customizing anti-counterfeiting labels, companies can convey the values of honesty and quality to consumers and enhance the brand image.

Low cost of tamper evident: Compared with other anti-counterfeiting means, such as patent certification and testing equipment, the cost of customized tamper evident labels is relatively low. The production and application of the label is relatively simple, and only requires relevant operations through professional equipment and technology. In addition, the customized anti-counterfeiting labels can be reused, which can effectively reduce the anti-counterfeiting cost of enterprises.

In short, customized security labels have become the primary solution for product anti-counterfeiting because of its advantages of technical difficulty, good anti-counterfeiting effect, easy operation, data management, establishment of brand image and low cost. With the continuous progress of science and technology, customized anti-counterfeit labels will play an increasingly important role in the field of product anti-counterfeiting.

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