The internal Research and Development laboratory is the beating heart of product innovation. Our Research and Development department presents a experienced staff and advanced machinery for effective control of the materials to be introduced in the production cycle, to verify the various productions and above all to deal with the development of new products that allow customers to find solutions to their needs. To meet customers’ needs and adapt to the global market, we develop a standardized process for new product Research and Development. We confirm every detail of customer request, after a new product development application is made. We make quick evaluation and capacity study, follow the process strictly step by step until we deliver the goods to customers.  

With specialized three core groups
Adhesive Glue Development Group is dedicated to the core technology development of anti-counterfeiting products and expanding the development of functional adhesives.
Anti-counterfeiting product development group, based on 5 technology platforms, carries out combined rapid development of products.
Product technical service group, based on customer’s application, provides pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.


Five Core Technology Platforms:

Adhesives: Acrylic, Silicone, Modified Acrylic, Hot Melt.
Substrate Materials: PET Transparent Film, PET Colored Film, PET Aluminum Coated Film, PE Film, Copper Plate Paper, etc.
Printing Processes: Multi-color Overprinting, One-step Completion of Multiple Processes, Fast Speed, High Efficiency, Flexibility in Small Batch and Multiple Varieties.
Coating Processes: Blade Coating, Microgravure Coating, Gravure Coating.
Cutting Technology: Wide-width Customized Laminating Cutting, Positioning Cutting, Multi-position One-time Cutting, Fully Automatic Intelligent Cutting.

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