**Quality at EcoSecurityTape: Integrating Excellence Into Every Aspect**

Product quality runs in the veins of every employee at ECO.

At ECO, quality extends beyond processes and product excellence; it encompasses the quality of services provided to our customers.

In the production process, maintaining product quality requires standardized quality control. Quality control is the process ensuring customers receive defect-free products that meet their requirements. Mishandling this process poses risks to customer satisfaction.

To enhance service quality related to product excellence, quality assurance plays a pivotal role. Our company is ISO 9001 certified, contributing to the management and improvement of various processes, including:
– Sourcing raw materials
– Designing and implementing inspection procedures
– Adhering to production processes
– Addressing defects

Giving paramount attention to information technology and communication in designing and regularly updating business processes has elevated our efficiency and service to a remarkable standard. Throughout managing customer support, we consistently prioritize understanding customer needs at every stage of the relationship.

**ISO 9001 Certification**

Since 2014, EcoSecurity has been ISO 9001 certified, a crucial tool for ensuring internal processes’ compliance and optimizing/improving services provided to customers.

**CATTC Membership**

EcoSecurity is also a member of the China Anti-Counterfeiting Industry Association (CATTC), representing the voice of the Chinese anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident packaging market.

**SGS Certification**

Our products have obtained SGS certification, meeting the halogen requirements of relevant standards. This signifies the safety and reliability of our products.


                                    PET Film
PET film has specific high transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, mechanical strength, and printing suitability. It is a high quality material for anti-counterfeiting tape.

ECO Release Paper

                         Release Paper
Release paper liners excellent tensile strength, while PET film release liners offer added strength for increased stress absorption.


                       Acrylic adhesives
Acrylic adhesives feature rapid curing, excellent transparency, strong adhesion stability. They are the preferred material for tamper evident tapes. Hot melt adhesive is the ideal bonding agent for tamper proof bag tapes

Adhesion Testing To ensure the quality of product shipments, we conduct adhesive strength tests on each product. We perform multiple tests using different surface materials until optimal performance is achieved.
 | QualityPackaging Box  | QualityGift Box
 | QualityAcrylic Plate  | QualityWood




We conduct comprehensive testing at every stage of production, encompassing tensile tests, tension tests, surface stain examinations, thickness measurements, material analyses, and more. This meticulous approach ensures the maintenance of high standards throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing excellence during shipment.

Security tape thickness measurements

In order to meet customers’ requirements, we provide are using high precision testing equipment. We guarantee the quality of Tamper Proof Tapes, Tamper Evident Bags and Tamper Evident labels.

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