Streamlined Production

Leveraging state-of-the-art machinery and automated processes, ECO Security achieves manufacturing efficiency at elevated levels, enabling us to produce VOID printing six times faster than the majority of our counterparts.


Fully-Automated Workshop

ECO Security’s factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is equipped with 8 automated production lines capable of producing up to 5.5 million square meters of tamper-resistant security solutions. This enables smooth and efficient production processes.

Production Process

Plate Making The desired VOID message designs are embossed onto the printing plates for subsequent printing on the facestocks.  | Production
VOID Printing The design is imprinted onto the strips by applying the appropriate pressure to press nickel plates onto the facestocks. Subsequently, the rolls are adjusted to secure the design on the surface.  | Production
Protective Layer Adding Adding a protective layer involves printing a coating of chemical ink on the facestock’s surface. This layer aids in revealing a distinct VOID message upon tampering.  | Production
Color Application Customers have the option to specify facestock colors, such as matte green or dull red. We also provide color suggestions based on the carton color. Although the labels may appear inconspicuous and resemble ordinary labels, those attempting to tamper with the products inadvertently leave behind visible traces of use.elease liner serves to prevent the adhesive from adhering to unintended surfaces.  | Production
Adhesive Coating Slitting A layer of pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is coated onto the material, followed by the application of the release liner at the material’s bottom. The adhesive is formulated according to its intended use, and the release liner serves to prevent the adhesive from adhering to unintended surfaces.  | Production
Slitting ECO Secutiytape possesses custom slitting capabilities to tailor product widths to your exact specifications. Utilizing cutting-edge slitting technology, we can precision-slit tamper-evident products with a tolerance of +/- 1/64″ or even tighter, depending on the material type.  | Production
Die Cutting Labels are segmented to the desired dimensions by high-powered automated die-cutting machines. The efficiency of these machines reduces waste during production and ensures accurate measurements for practical use.  | Production
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