Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label

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Non-transfer tamper evident label is a specially designed tamper evident label, whose special feature is that once affixed on the product, it cannot be transferred to other items again. This kind of security label usually has the characteristic of one-time use, and once it is removed or attempted to be peeled off, it will leave obvious traces, or the words “VOID” or “VOID OPEN” will appear on the label, indicating that it has been opened or destroyed.


Place of Origin China
Brand ECO
Shape rectangle, body shape, can be customized
Material PET
Adhesive solvent based acrylic glue
Lettering VOID/VOID OPEN (customizable)
color Red, blue, yellow, green, etc. (customizable)
Backing paper used 80g Glx paper
Type of adhesive used Strong adhesive type
Features Upon removal, the label surface and the surface to which it was affixed will both display the word “VOID,” indicating irreversible tampering and serving as an anti-theft measure.
Long-term temperature resistance: 40(degree Celsius)
Thickness 0.25(mm)
Tamper evident method: Opened to alert

Product Tamper Evident Verification: The non-transferable tamper evident label ensures the originality of the product and helps consumers to verify the authenticity of the product. Once destroyed or peeled off, traces will be displayed, alerting consumers that the product may be faulty or has been tampered with.

Brand Protection: Brand owners can utilize non-transferable security labels to protect their products from counterfeit brands. Such labels can effectively prevent counterfeiters from transferring labels from one product to another, thus reducing the risk of product piracy.

Guarantee product quality: non-transfer tamper evident labels can help companies improve the quality assurance and traceability of their products, ensuring the integrity and safety of their products throughout the supply chain.

After-sales service: For certain products, such as electronic equipment or automotive parts, non-transferable tamper evident labels can be used to verify the originality of the product, help provide after-sales service and ensure the safety of repaired or replaced parts.

Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label Application


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label

Confidential documents

|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label


|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label

Tobacco & Liquor

|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label

Shopping malls

|Non-transfer Security Seal Void Label
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