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This security bag sealing tape is made of 25-micron polyester film with a total thickness of 28±3 microns, equipped with a solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Its unique design includes hidden information “VOIDOPEN,” with colors in red/blue, and a 25-micron white release film. The product comes in a roll form with a 3-inch core diameter, and a customized size of 530mm*3000m. Security features are classified into three levels, including immediate VOID display at room temperature, chemical tamper evidence, and resistance to high-temperature tampering. This security bag finds wide applications in areas such as express delivery, duty-free, cash handling, elections, evidence, etc., effectively preventing tampering, alterations, and theft while safeguarding customer privacy. Key characteristics include ease of use and the immediate revelation of hidden information upon opening. Each roll is packaged with shrink film and then placed in a cardboard box with dimensions of 44cm×44cm×28cm and a gross weight of 30kg. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 80°C, and the storage conditions require 24°C and 50% relative humidity, with a shelf life of one year.


Face stock 25U Polyester Film
Total thickness 28±3 mincrons
Color Red & Blue or Custom
Finish Matt
Adhesive Hot melt glue
Liner 25# PET release film
Liner color Clear/White/Red/Custom
Security message Standard VOID/ VOID OPEN/
Roll Width 30mm /35mm/ 40mm/ 45mm
Roll Length 1000m
Standard Core Size 3 inch
Security Feature Void Message
Grade Level 3
MOQ 1000 square meters for standard design
Lead Time 7- 10 days
Product Form Roll
Standard Size 530mm*3000m
Carton Size: 44cm×44cm×28cm
Box gross weight 30kg

Level 3

1: PREVENT OPENING: When the bag is opened at room temperature, the concealed “VOID” message will instantly appear and cannot be restored.

2: Chemical Anti-Opening: Attempting to open with water/chemical solvent will cause the “TAMPEREVIDENT” message to melt or vanish, indicating signs of unauthorized opening.

3: Anti-Temperature Opening: Trying to open the bag with high temperatures exceeding 65℃ will cause the hidden “VOID” message in the blank area to turn red, becoming irreversible and unrecoverable.

Features of Tamper-Evident Security Bag Seal: Upon peeling off the security bag seal, hidden information is immediately revealed, preventing unauthorized access, tampering, and theft while safeguarding customer privacy.

Application: Tamper-evident security bag seals are suitable for various courier bags, duty-free bags, card bags, cash bags, election bags, evidence bags, paper bags, and other confidential bags. Widely utilized in logistics, aviation, express delivery, documents, letters, warehousing, IT, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, chemicals, shopping malls, and other fields.

Advantages: Sealing and packaging with security bags enhance item security, thwart theft, and provide superior protection for goods and valuable assets during transportation.

User-Friendly: Affix the anti-counterfeit bag seal to the bag, press firmly, and wait for over 1 minute—the seal will break into two, revealing the faintly visible “VOID” word.

Product Description

This tamper-evident bag sealing tape is crafted from PET film coated with a solvent-based adhesive, designed for tamper-evident bag packaging. It features a hidden message only revealed upon tape removal. Once removed, the tamper-evident bag sealing tape film splits, unveiling the hidden message and leaving visible evidence of tampering.

Standard Stock: 1 roll
Special Order (Customized Hidden Message): 530 mm * 2000 m

Instructions for Use:

Ensure the package surface is dry, dust-free, oil-free, and thoroughly cleaned before applying the tape.
Keep away from liquids, oils, fire, or other harmful substances, as they may damage the tape.
Recommended tape application temperature: -40°C to 80°C.
Storage: Shelf life is one year at 24°C and 50% relative humidity.
This safety tape is not recommended for automatic packaging machines. For such requirements, please contact us for customization.

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