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Our standard security tape for sealing bags provides an effective solution to safeguard valuable items within.

In the event of tampering, the tamper-evident seal leaves a distinct adhesive residue message on the bag. Despite tape removal and bag resealing, the irreversible void message serves as a visual deterrent against pilfering.

Suitable for a variety of bags, including airport duty-free bags, deposit bags, evidence bags, police bags, courier bags, and more, this tamper-evident seal assures security across diverse applications.

Offered in various widths and available in lengths up to 1,000 meters for converters, the tape is supplied in jumbo rolls and slitting rolls. Personalization options include choosing different colors or incorporating additional security features.


Face stock 25U Polyester Film
Total thickness 28±3 mincrons
Color Red & Blue or Custom
Finish Matt
Adhesive solvent based acrylic glue
Liner 25# PET release film
Liner color Clear/White/Red/Custom
Security message Standard VOID/ VOID OPEN/
Roll Width 30mm /35mm/ 40mm/ 45mm
Roll Length 1000m
Standard Core Size 3 inch
Security Feature Void Message
Grade Level 2
MOQ 1000 square meters for standard design
Lead Time 7- 10 days
Product Form Roll
Standard Size 530mm*3000m
Carton Size: 44cm×44cm×28cm
Box gross weight 30kg

Level 1

1: PREVENT OPENING: When the bag is opened at normal temperature, the hidden “VOID” message will immediately appear and cannot be restored.

Features of Anti-counterfeit Bag Seal: Once the anti-counterfeit bag seal is peeled off, the hidden information becomes immediately visible, preventing the product from being opened, altered, and stolen, safeguarding customer privacy.

Advantages: Sealing packaging with the anti-counterfeit bag can enhance the security of items, prevent theft, and provide better protection for your goods and important property during transportation.

Easy to use: Affix the anti-counterfeit bag seal to the packaging bag, press firmly, and wait for over 1 minute—the anti-counterfeit bag seal will break into two, revealing the faintly visible VOID word.

Product Description

This anti-counterfeit bag sealing tape is made of PET film coated with a solvent-based adhesive, designed for the packaging of anti-counterfeit bags. It is imprinted with hidden information, which remains invisible until the bag sealing tape is torn off. Once removed from the packaging, the anti-counterfeit bag sealing tape film splits into two, displaying the hidden information and leaving clear evidence of opening.

Standard Stock: 1 roll
Special Order (Customized Hidden Message): 530 mm * 2000 m

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