Introduction to Security Labeling

The demand for tamper evidenting efforts is growing. tamper evidenting companies play a crucial role in protecting branded products and are becoming increasingly popular and welcomed by the market.

The production of tamper evidenting labels for branded products helps reduce counterfeit goods and facilitates tamper evidenting verification. tamper evidenting companies develop products with tamper evidenting attributes and sell them to industries with specific needs, thereby contributing to the fight against counterfeit goods.

Information related to Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident labels are used to distinguish between genuine and fake products, reducing counterfeiting.

Security Label Materials

  1. Fragile Paper Tamper Evident Labels: Fragile paper tamper evident label material has a breaking strength much lower than the adhesive’s bonding ability. It cannot be completely peeled off after bonding and cannot be reused. These labels are mainly used for tear-proof, tamper-proof, anti-theft replacement, tamper-proof, and quality assurance.
  2. QR Code Tamper Evident Labels: QR Code tamper evident labels are unique to each product and store product information. Consumers can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the code. The advantages of one-item-one-code tamper evident labels include being non-copyable, easy authenticity checks, difficulty in copying, and strong data encryption.
  3. Adhesive Tamper Evident Labels: Adhesive tamper evident labels can be easily affixed to various substrates by peeling them off from the backing paper and gently pressing them. They can also be automatically applied on the production line using labeling machines.
  4. 3D Neon Light Technology: This technology introduces a dynamic and color-changing effect in addition to light and dark changes.
  5. Invisible Molecule Technology: This technology is integrated with the packaging printing of various products without disrupting the process or altering the design. It is inseparable and not easily damaged.

In conclusion, the application of security labeling materials and technologies offers effective solutions to combat the proliferation of counterfeit products. These measures not only distinguish genuine products from fake ones but also contribute to the overall security and integrity of the supply chain.

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