Characteristics and Uses of Release Paper

Release paper, also known as silicone paper, is a type of anti-adhesive paper coated with silicone on release film paper or some high-density paper. It is mainly used in the adhesive industry, where adhesives are applied, necessitating the use of anti-adhesive materials . There are various types of release paper, broadly categorized into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper based on the manufacturing process.

Release paper has specific characteristics and applications:


It serves to prevent the sticking of pre-impregnated materials and protects them from contamination.
Made from paper coated with anti-adhesive substances, its type varies based on material, thickness, elongation rate, and whether it is single or double-sided.

Commonly used in the adhesive industry, particularly in areas where adhesives are applied.
Used to prevent adhesion in electronic products, automotive foam, printing, food, medical applications, and more.
Different types include plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper, each with variations in characteristics.
There are different types of release papers, including:

Glassine (base paper is Grasim) Silicone Paper:

ECO Release Paper
ECO Release Paper

Resistant to high temperatures, moisture, and oil.
Primarily used in the food industry for packaging.
Common Release Paper:

Moisture and oil-resistant, serving as an isolating material.
Applicable in industries such as electronics, automotive foam, printing, especially with adhesive materials like tapes.
PVC Wallpaper, PVC Leather Coating Foaming Process:

Functions as a carrier during the process.

Double-sided Release Paper:

Transparent PET Release Paper
Transparent PET Release Paper

Features include friction resistance, moderate peel strength, easy release, heat resistance, and oil resistance.
Used in the express delivery industry for the backing paper of adhesive bags, various labels, and advertising decoration materials.
Glassine Release Paper:

Uniform and dense texture with excellent strength and transparency.
Features high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and oil resistance.
Commonly used in the production of labels, barcodes, tapes, or industrial products with adhesiveness, especially suitable for flat cutting and rotation, high-speed automatic labeling, special tapes, double-sided tapes, base material trademarks, laser anti-counterfeit labels, and other release applications.

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