25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels

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Support printing and barcode printing, label material has done surface coating treatment, good printing performance, support UV printing, ribbon printing

Mostly used for package sealing, anti-traveling and anti-dumping.

Suitable for packaging sealing / labeling in various industries, express delivery, warehousing, aviation services, confidential documents, skin care, medicine, electronics, IT and so on.

The Features of full transfer VOID Labels include:

High Tamper Evident : Through special design and craftsmanship, the tamper evident pattern on the label has a high tamper evident effect, effectively preventing the product from being counterfeited or replaced.

Easy to recognize: Consumers can easily identify the authenticity of the product by observing whether the tamper evident label on the product package has been tampered with or torn, which improves consumer trust.

Strong durability: The labels are made of durable materials with strong scratch and abrasion resistance, which can ensure that the tamper evident pattern remains clearly visible for a long time.

Full transfer security label composition

Substrate Layer: The substrate for full transfer security labels is usually made of special polymer materials, such as polyester film, polypropylene film, etc., which are flexible and durable enough to ensure that the label can be tightly adhered to the product

packaging. Adhesive layer: The adhesive layer is located on one side of the substrate layer and is used to bond the label tightly to the surface of the product packaging. The adhesive needs to have good adhesion to ensure that the label is not easily peeled or torn.

Tamper evident pattern layer: The tamper evident pattern layer is the key part of the full transfer security label and is usually located on top of the substrate layer. These patterns can be text, logos, patterns, etc., and are produced through a special printing process to ensure that they have a high level of tamper evident effect.

Protective Layer: In order to enhance the durability and tamper evident effect of the label, sometimes a protective film or special coating is covered on top of the tamper evident pattern layer to prevent the pattern from being scratched or abraded.


Name Full transfer security labels
Material PET
Thickness 25U, 36U, 50U
Adhesive 15U
Adhesive solvent based acrylic glue
Lettering VOID/VOID OPEN (customizable)
color Red, blue, yellow, green, etc. (customizable)
Specification Customizable
Printing Regular printing, UV printing, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, etc. can be printed according to customer specifications
Features Upon removal, the label surface and the surface to which it was affixed will both display the word “VOID,” indicating irreversible tampering and serving as an anti-theft measure.
Shelf life: 1 year at room temperature
Application Suitable for anti-counterfeiting: suitable for anti-counterfeiting of various products and other fields; prevents unauthorized opening, alteration, or theft of products or packaging contents; prevents unauthorized opening of documents, mail, parcels, etc.

Total-transfer Security Seal Void Label Application


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels

Confidential documents

|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels


|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels

Tobacco & Liquor

|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels

Shopping malls

|25u,36u,50u,Red full transfer security labels

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